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(Pic borrowed from Hideaway Pictures)
So it's almost that time of year again so I better get ready.

No! Not Halloween but NaNoWriMo! I failed miserably last year writing only a few hundred lines before work washed away all the available time that I had. What am I talking about? National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short, if that is short?) where people from around the world each try to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. Rewards? Only Karma and a pat on the back. Wish me luck!


This video poses some interesting questions about 9/11. It makes you think and I hope they are wrong. No matter how much I think Bush has screwed up this country I don't want to believe that even he is this evil. Not to mention how twisted the people who did the dirty/wet work would have to be.

Election time is almost here thank god. No, I'm not that excited about voting. I just want the f@&king commercials to end. It does not matter what party I side with, both sides are running disgusting attack ads non-stop here in Minnesota and I'm sick of it! Here in Minnesota we actually do have a major (kind of) third party with the boring name of the Independence Party (think of Jesse "The Body" Ventura as our Gov., yep were weird up here.). Their commercials usually are at least funny.


Heart wrenching message in a bottle from World War Two. Hey everyone look at my ebay auction, I have decided to sell off one of the prize pieces from my eclectic collection. Carries and my house is overflowing with stuff and I decided to get ride of a few things.

I bought the bottle from the estate of the lawyer who found it in 1955 in Pompano Beach, Fl. The message reads: "Boat drifting far out. Boche torpedoes S.S. Van Tonburg. Out of food, everything. God help me and bless my loving parents." It is signed Carl Schillen.

So if you know of a collector, let him know!


I've been playing a game called Blogshares , as part of the game you find dead blog's (those where there has been no postings for over six months). This dead blog I find kind of depressing. So much love is shown towards Maddy in those twelve words and then nothing. What happend? Did Maddy run away with another man while the Merchant Mariner was at sea? Was the Merchant Mariner lost in a tragic shipping accident and Maddy is sitting alone waiting? Or did the Merchant mariner find love in another's arms? I guess we will never know.

On to other things there are:
Wesley Snipes on Americas Most Wanted.
Mike Tyson, still desperate for attention, attention that we/I give him.

Nuff Said.


Quick post for some headline news:

Google goes solar, a pig powered town and a wind powered college. Alternative energy is the future, it has to be if we want to continue living on mother earth. This goes along with a George Clooney powered Tango. But I'm not sure a chocolate Igloo will be the wave of the future.

Happy birthday to US citizen 300,000,000.
The return of an old favorite, IDIOT OF THE WEEK! This week it is Aleksey Vayner who is so full of himself that he sent an overly dramatic and boastful video resume to Wall Street. The video eventually made it to the web. Why is he the idiot of the week? Because he is now threatening to sue Youtube to take it down. This of course has now drawn the attention of the national news and at least one blogger. Of course he now has probably the most viewed resume ever and will get a job paying ten time what I make!


Rocky Balboa... the last Round. Yes the trailer is out for the next (and we can hope LAST) of the Rocky movies. Would someone please buy Mike Tyson a ticket! (Hell if Mike was to ask I would buy him a ticket.)

Ok maybe I'm just dumb but, I DON"T GET IT! I love Garfield and almost all other comics (first section I read on Sunday's) but this one leaves me lost??? Help me if you can!


Shop Red. Help others as the christmas/holiday season nears. You can buy things from Gap, Ipod Nano's, Watches etc... Just check it out, procedes go to fight AIDS in Africa.
God I'm "OLD". Tomorrow is my twenty year high school reunion (a little late but... never mind that), Edison class of 86 rules! LMFAO The reunion will be held at the best bar in America (no that's not my opinion, thats according to Esquire Magazine!)

I hope this reunion is better than the last one I attended. That ended with me in a fist fight the next morning as I dropped of the old classmate that I had picked up at the reunion. I would have brought her to her house but she passed out in my car! I carried her up four flights of steps to my apartment, and dropped her on the couch. Did I get lucky? No, she was to drunk and that would have been wrong (damn it)!

The next morning I awoke to find that she was still on the couch but now had no cloths on! (Not sure what happened there... but I didn't mind ;) So when I was dropping her off at her car, this other car comes flying up. She tells me that I better leave, that this was her boyfriend from the night before. (No I'm not a dog, he had dumped a drink on her, then got in a fight with a couple of other guys. This is when she asked me to get her out of there!) One thing led to another and he and I ended up tossing each other around breaking a couple of car windows in the process. A passing squad car chased us off. I never heard from her again. Wish me luck, and Yes Carrie is going with me so no picking up young ladies this time!


Republicans are trying to shift the public attention from themselves to... (drum roll please)... the Clinton Administration! Um... guys that was six years ago maybe we should be looking at some more recent problems like:

  1. Lying about the reason for the Iraq War, or
  2. Foley cover up, or
  3. Wiretapping, or
  4. Energy task force lies, or
  5. Katrina response (lack of) and
  6. (Insert anything that has happened in the last six years here because it has all been a disaster).


National Coming Out Day was today, no one I know came out (everyone I know who is gay is out already.. I think). Big news on the business front Google is buying youTube for $1.6 billion. I actually like Google Video myself but thats just me.

PS Since Google is in a buying mood, I'm announcing that Empty Words for Empty Minds is for sale! For only $160,000 it's a steal for Google or any one else with deep pockets. I'll even throw in my services for one year. (By services I mean I will do anything that is legal and of a non sexual basis... well we can negotiate on the sex part!)


And a few more pic's from the last set. I love fall and it's colors, I really think it is the prettiest time of year (besides right after a heavy sticky snow fall that sticks to everything). Fall is also my favorite time of year, warm enough to do things outside but cool enough that I will not sweat out a gallon of water. It's the start of football (go Vikes, what a game yesterday! Never count the Vikes out they will surprise you.) Fall also means that the Holidays are right around the corner (the Grinch I am I really don't like Holidays, I guess you could say that I dread the holidays. Why? It's not that I don't like the gatherings but over the years every one of my family members has died on or within days of a major holiday.) Carrie of course thinks that I'm just weird & pessimistic. Lets see, Dad on Memorial day, Grandma on July 4th, Aunt Viv on Thanksgiving, My brother within a week of Thanksgiving and mom had her aneurysm three days before Christmas. OK, enough of that. I'm off to work.
By popular DEMAND I have removed the videos that I had at the bottom of the blog. While I thought it was fun/funny it was slowing down the page load and the auto play could not be turned off (or if it could I did not know how). (Happy now Chris????) I had someone ask me (friends read the blog and then call me or email me to ask questions, is that not what the comment function is for?) what camera I used for the last pic's and where were they taken. Answer 1) Kodak 330 ( I liked this camera but it has now started to become a pain with malfunctions and software issues galore. This camera is just over year old so.... and I think I want a new one. HINT HINT) The pic's where taken along the Mississippi bluffs six blocks away from our house.


Just two weeks ago those leaves where all on the branch's and/or green. I do believe that fall has arrived! Posted by Picasa

Ok, this (http://thepurification.org) site is the talk of the town. Why? Well we all love a good mystery and here is one. No links, no nothing but a clock counting down! If you wander over the site with your mouse you will see eight more count downs. At the end of the count downs a message will be revealed and here are what the messages say. Any help? Nope, didn't think so. Here is a message board that is trying to figure all this out, (and they are good!) if anyone does figure it out please let me know!


I just now found out that he was the co-chair for the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children Caucus! He now may faces charges from laws that he co-authored! That is ironic. There are so many problems with this whole situation that I don't know where to begin. Was the GOP leadership aware of his conduct as some say? If so, heads should and hopefully will roll. I have already seen/heard some of the attack adds on the Republicans that have arose from this. With all that has gone wrong in this country in the last six years we should be tired of the GOP and their money grubbing, God hating & war mongering views. But I thought the same thing two years ago and well...

Then of course we have Foley's scapegoating that sickens me even more. I'm an alcoholic and I'm going into rehab, oh and by the way I was molested by church members when I was a child!

My god man use those two little things hanging between your legs and take responsibility for your actions, your busted and the only thing you have left is your honor.

cbs4boston.com - Drunken Bear Sleeping It Off: "Drunken Bear Sleeping It Off

(CBS4) LYONS, Colorado A drunken bear is waiting to be returned to the wild after being captured Tuesday in Lyons, Colorado. Colorado Division of Wildlife Officers say she was probably drunk after eating too many fermented apples.

Officers, who responded to calls of the bear wobbling through neighborhoods in Lyons, say this time of year bears intake almost 20,000 calories a day to store fat for their winter hibernation.

A bean bag gun was used to stun the bear, followed by a tranqualiztion to capture and tag her. The bear will be returned to the wild after she has slept it off. "

Here is the video.


iWon News - Robert Downey Jr. to Star in 'Iron Man': "Robert Downey Jr. will star as the latest Marvel Comics superhero to hit the big screen. Downey will play the title character in 'Iron Man,' a film directed by Jon Favreau. Filming is scheduled to begin in February, with the movie due in theaters in May 2008."

So why am I posting about Robert Downey Jr. taking on an acting roll? For one I'm glade to see him acting I believe he is one of the finest actors out there if his personal demons are under control. Second, how often will I get the chance to post twice in a single week while mentioning Iron Man, one of my all time favorite Comic book heroes!
iWon News - Eric Clapton Rethinks Playing 'Cocaine': "ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Eric Clapton is playing 'Cocaine' in concert again. The recovering drug addict and alcoholic, who founded the Crossroads Centre addiction recovery center on the Caribbean island of Antigua, stopped performing the song written by J.J. Cale when he first got sober.

'I thought that it might be giving the wrong message to people who were in the same boat as me,' Clapton recently told The Associated Press.

'But further investigation proved ... the song, if anything, if it's not even ambivalent, it's an anti-drug song."


kare11.com :: KARE 11 TV - Minnesota Twins are Division Champions: "Minnesota Twins are Division Champions

The Minnesota Twins are American League division champions. They beat the Chicago White Sox 5-1 today. The Twins will open post-season Tuesday at home against the Oakland Athletics.

Game one of the best-of-five series is scheduled for Tuesday at 12:00 pm. Game two is Wednesday at noon. The series than shifts back to Oakland for Game three Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm. The schedule for Games four and five are to be determined.

The Twins will enter the playoffs with the AL Batting Champion on their team. Joe Mauer won the title today, beating Derek Jeter. Mauer is the first American League catcher to win a batting title.

Game one of the best-of-five series is scheduled for Tuesday at 1:00 pm. Game two is Wednesday. The series than shifts back to Oakland for Game three Friday afternoon. The schedule for Games four and five are to be determined.

On Monday, the Twins want to see their fans waving their homer hankies for Rally Monday. Starting at 5:00 pm at Peavey Plaza in Minneapolis, the team will celebrate it's fourth trip to the post-season in the last five years. "

It's been a big week here in the Twin Cities, the Twins as the division champs and also the cities have been chosen to host the 2008 Republican Convention. I would have preferred the Democratic Convention which was planning on coming to the cities but waited one day to long to announce it, and the GOP beat them to it. Oh well there is always 2012!
Modern civilization destroyed by bathroom conversation, watch this video for proof.