75 today with a few clouds, dinner next then work! Three more days and counting... Posted by Hello

The trails where developed along old railroad beds, with one active train track (to the right) Posted by Hello

Can you guess what we did to day? Thats right a 5.1 mile bike ride going out the Cedar Lake Trail to Hwy 100. So are we health nuts yet? Posted by Hello


And with tired feet we headed home, I for work and Carrie for a soaking of some barking dogs, c-ya. Posted by Hello

Debated about going for a boat trip, but decided to save that for another day Posted by Hello

Played at the lake, fed a few fish and had some ice cream... Posted by Hello

Explored a few waterways Posted by Hello

Explored a few spots off the pathways Posted by Hello

Spread a few weed seeds around;) Posted by Hello

But here they are the bike/walking paths Posted by Hello

Had a long walk to get there, stopped for lunch on the way Posted by Hello

Discovered a secret entrance to the bike paths, this is what led to the adventure/walk... Posted by Hello

More flowers Posted by Hello

Flowers in bloom Posted by Hello

Palm trees in Minneapolis? Posted by Hello

A giant glass fish in the conservatory Posted by Hello

Guess not! Posted by Hello

The answer to all of my questions in life? Posted by Hello

The new Walker, as you can see it was a gorgous day Posted by Hello

Made a quick pass threw the Walker's sculpture garden Posted by Hello

Climbed a tree or two (note the ducks below Carrie) Posted by Hello

Snapped a few pics of buildings Posted by Hello

To get started we stopped at Dunn Bros. a local coffee chain to fuel up... Posted by Hello

Happy Memorial Day, today Carrie and I went for a walk to beat all walks. Start at the red line in the middle of the map and go west to where it says 394 then follow red line down to the Minnesota Trans. Mus. We didn't set any speed records we left at noon and got back home at 7pm! Pics of the day to follow Posted by Hello

Me at work... four days left till I'm free from the overnights! Posted by Hello