Your health, it's something that we all take for granted. The last three days has been a harsh reminder of that. In 1999 I suffered a viral infection of the heart (or at least that is what they think it was). The infection has left my heart about the size of a football and pumping at about 45% of capacity (EF 45) this is what they call heart failure. I live a normal life but have to watch the sodium (salt) intake and keep an eye on my general health a little more than most 37 yr olds. Now last weekend my heart had a little hiccup that caused me to gain ten pounds of fluid weight in a day and left me winded and tired. A bunch of doctor visits and tests latter I was doing alot better only to have the wife go in the hospital yesterday with an infection in her leg. Things go on...


2/1/05 Tues.
Today was a sleep day, which for me is everyday. I work graveyards 10pm to 8am or later Mon through Fri. plus frequent weekends (this is the cost of being a manager at a hotel, the Millennium Hotel Minneapolis to be precise). So on Mondays I don't sleep in (I try for regular sleep i.e. sleep at night with my wife) so by tuesday AM I've been up for 20+ hours and get kinda delirous. For the rest of the week I sleep 11am to 3 or 4 pm, most days I feel lucky if I get 4 hours sleep. Now why am I telling you all this? So you will understand my whining/ranting/raving about sleep. Carrie (my wife) works 7am to 3pm so when I sleep she works and when I work she sleeps! Not bad, but we really do miss the bed time. Not in the intimate way, just the comfort you feel knowing that the person you love is next to you.
Carrie and I where married in Oct,2003 so we are still rather newlywed like. We live in Minneapolis, four blocks from work and right accross from Loring Park. Where right downtown in the heart of the city, and never mind what you hear it's not ten feet of snow and twenty below zero 300 days out of the year, just five or so... We are renting a 2 bedroom + apartment that just barly hold us, three cats and the boxs that Carrie's mom keeps finding that belong to Carrie or at least that is what she says, I think she is just getting rid of her clutter by giving it to us. Don't get me wrong, there are some real finds in the box's but there is alot of stuff there too. Now Carrie and I don't really need help incollecting stuff we do that pretty well by ourselves. Between us we collecting Hummels, beer trays, beeny babies, rocks, old photos, stuffed animals (besides beeny babies), anything old/cool that we find at garage/estate sales and anything swedish. Carrie is part swed and I'm all Bohemian (my grandfather hated saying Czech). Dinner is almost ready so I'm off, till later

Ok the pain of the election, holidays, paying for the holidays and then a cold start to a new year has kept me away but now I'm back. Ok I've had a few people ask about myself (ok It was one person) so here it is: 37yr old male who is married to a ... ok never mind, just go here http://www.geocities.com/kobernat/index.html I hope to start to write here on a regular basis again and not just too slam Bush so.......