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From +Tom Anderson (yes that guy from Myspace) Making new friends isn't the only thing that being public & sharing can lead to. I think it can really help lead you to your life's work -- and I'm not talking about a job. I'm talking about what it is that you think you were meant to do with your limited time on this planet. Sharing your ideas tends to build a community around those ideas. And through community and interaction, you'll learn many ways of being and thinking. You won't just find opportunities opening up to engage in things that matter to you ; you'll simply learn about things you never new existed.

I found this very enlightening. Spending the last hour rereading, thinking and gnawing on this has led me to believe that I need to get out more. Make some new acquaintances and experiences. I have become so engaged in my life and it's recent troubles and tribulations that I have forgotten to live it.

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