Sarah Palin Isn't Ready To Be Commander In Chief.

- She has been Governor for 18 months of a state that ranks 47th in population. Only North Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming have fewer people to govern than Alaska.
- Prior to that, she was Mayor of Wasilla, Alaka for 6 years and sat on Wasilla's City Council for 4 years. Wasilla's 2005 population estimate is 8,471.
- Sarah Palin has no foreign policy experience. Physical proximity of Alaska to Russia doesn't count.

Sarah Palin is woefully out of the mainstream in her views.

- She opposes abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. Only 18% of Americans agree with her that it should be illegal in all cases (source).
- She opposes sex education in schools and is firmly behind abstinence-only programs (source). 69% of Americans think sex education in schools is very important, and 21% think its somewhat important (source - PDF, p. 6).
- She supports the idea of "school choice", or vouchers (source). 70% of Americans do NOT support vouchers when it means public school funding would be cut (source).
- She supports teaching creationism in science classes (source).
- She is skeptical of global warming and doesn't believe climate change is man-made (source). 85% of Americans believe the planet is warming and a full 70% believe that it is attributable to either BOTH nature and man (49%) or solely to humans (21%) (source).

Palin is hardly free of old-Washington influence and tactics.

- She was FOR the Bridge to Nowhere, before she was against it (source).
- She openly praises Hillary Clinton, but thinks Clinton is a "whiner" (source).
- She is under investigation for ethics abuses in the firing of Alaska's Public Safety Director (source - worth noting also that CNN just reported Palin has retained a lawyer on the same issue).
- She was director of Senator Ted Stevens' PAC (source). It's worth noting here also that Stevens himself is under indictment for 7 felonious counts.

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