USATODAY.com - Author George Plimpton dies at age 76: "George Plimpton, the gentleman editor, literary patron and 'participatory journalist' whose fumbling exploits included boxing, trapeze-flying and, most famously, quarterbacking for the Detroit Lions, has died at 76. "

One of the last of the renaissance men has passed on, you will be missed by those in the know.
USATODAY.com - Singer Robert Palmer dies at age 54: "LONDON (AP) — Rock singer Robert Palmer, known for his sharp suits and hits including Addicted to Love, died Friday in Paris of a heart attack, his manager said. He was 54. "

Anotherone bites the dust... I loved the videos and songs.


Dean for America: Home: "Excerpts from Dean’s prepared remarks follow:
“We’re here today to talk about what’s at stake in this election. Ten months from today, we’ll be coming back to Boston, not just to decide who will be the Democratic nominee, but to determine the future of our democracy.
“230 years ago, right here in Boston, 50 dedicated patriots known as the Sons of Liberty boarded three ships in Boston Harbor to protest a government more concerned with moneyed interests than its own people. Those 50 patriots believed that they had the power and the duty to change their government.
“What they did that night became known as the Boston Tea Party. It marked the beginning of the first great grassroots campaign in our history. Their action -- which they took together -- set this country on the path to freedom and democracy. And a King named George -- who had forgotten his own people in favor of special interests -- was replaced by a government of, by and for the people.
“The people who boarded those ships in Boston Harbor joined together in common action to create a free society based on individual liberties. And through that action, they changed the course of history.
“Democracy and freedom, forged through action. That is the story of America.
“It is also our hope for the future.'"

Dean For America, it's your choice MAKE IT COUNT! (even if it's not for Dean, Get out and Vote)
Does anyone actually still wander into chat rooms for innocent reasons??? Last time I tried I was so bored by the idiot talk that I decided to google instead!
TheStar.com - MSN to shut chat rooms over child sex fears: "Microsoft Corp. is pulling the plug on its free, unsupervised Internet chat rooms in 28 countries and moving them to a subscription service in Canada, the United States and Japan over concerns the forums have become a haven for junk e-mail and sex predators.
'We're taking the responsible move to make our service a safer environment, especially for young adults and for children,' "


Forgive the lack of posts but I'm moving this week. Will keep you updated! (like anyone reads this)


BOSTON (AP) - The case for going to war against Iraq was a fraud "made up in Texas" to give Republicans a political boost, Sen. Edward Kennedy said Thursday.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Kennedy also said the Bush administration has failed to account for nearly half of the $4 billion the war is costing each month. He said he believes much of the unaccounted-for money is being used to bribe foreign leaders to send in troops.

He called the Bush administration's current Iraq policy "adrift."

The Massachusetts Democrat expressed doubts about how serious a threat Saddam Hussein posed to the United States in its battle against terrorism. He said administration officials relied on "distortion, misrepresentation, a selection of intelligence" to justify their case for war.

"There was no imminent threat. This was made up in Texas, announced in January to the Republican leadership that war was going to take place and was going to be good politically. This whole thing was a fraud," Kennedy said.

Kennedy said a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office showed that only about $2.5 billion of the $4 billion being spent monthly on the war can be accounted for by the Bush administration.

"My belief is this money is being shuffled all around to these political leaders in all parts of the world, bribing them to send in troops," he said.

Of the $87 billion in new money requested by President Bush for the war, Kennedy said the administration should be required to report back to the Congress to account for the spending.

"We want to support our troops because they didn't make the decision to go there... but I don't think it should be open-ended. We ought to have a benchmark where the administration has to come back and give us a report," he added.

Kennedy said the focus on Iraq has drawn the nation's attention away from more direct threats, including al-Qaida, instability in Afghanistan or the nuclear ambitions of North Korea.

"I think all of those pose a threat to the security of the people of Massachusetts much more than the threat from Iraq," Kennedy said. "Terror has been put on the sidelines for the last 12 months."

09/18/03 15:28 EDT

My oh my what twisted webs we weave to deceive. If all this ever is proven true, it will make watergate look like a bounced check! But that is a very big IF. So where do I sign to recall BUSH?
In retrospect, what do you think of Bush's case for war?

48% He deliberately misled the public 50,269
30% It was completely legitimate 31,108
22% He may have stretched a little, but the overall reasoning was sound 22,968
Total votes: 104,345

This was an AOL Poll that I took 9/20/2003
If this is any sign of the true feelings of the country, I think the elections look grime for Bush. Like father like son!
The Sports Network - Major League Baseball: "Minnesota Twins Team Report - September 19
(Sports Network) - Coming off a huge sweep of Chicago, the AL Central-leading Minnesota Twins look to keep their momentum going tonight when they open a three-game series with the dismal Detroit Tigers at the Metrodome.
Minnesota won all three games in its series with the second-place White Sox and has captured six straight overall to build a sizable 3 1/2-game advantage for the top spot in the division. The Twins' magic number for a second consecutive AL Central title is now seven.
The Twins wrapped things up with a 5-3 victory over the White Sox in the series finale Thursday, as Jacque Jones hit a pair of two-run homers to lead Minnesota. "

My Twins are number one and headed for home!
InformationWeek > Security > Virus Posing As Microsoft E-Mail Spreads Fast > September 19, 2003: "
Less than 24 hours after first being detected, the Swen blended-threat worm picked up steam Friday, gained a foothold in the United States and the United Kingdom, and accounted for more than 35,000 interceptions by E-mail filtering firm MessageLabs.
Swen, also called W32/Swen@MM, Gibe, and W32/Gibe-F, masquerades as E-mail from Microsoft and purports to carry a security update as its file attachment. "

Here we go again!


Ok I'm really to old for Britney, but all I can say is thank you!!! Thank you Britney for all the bare midrifs we see now days! Even if I'm to old to do, I'm not to old to look/admire. My fiance even points them (them being pretty young things) out to me. God I'm so lucky! Movie reveiw, old movie I should clarify, Sweet November. Great date movie, Keanu for the ladies and Charlize Theron for the guys. I think my fiance is asleep so it's shut eye time for me.
People in the News: MTV can't resist probing the kiss: "Seems everyone's still fascinated with the mouth-to-mouth between Britney Spears and Madonna at the Video Music Awards. Unwilling to kiss it off, MTV recently asked Spears some probing questions. Such as, 'So who slipped who the tongue?' Spears' reply: 'Oh my gosh. No one slipped anyone the tongue. It was just a kiss, a nice kiss"

mmmmmm....aaaaahhhhhhhh..... Can I volunteer for a kiss, a nice kiss??????????


Google News: "MONROE, Mich., Sept. 15 President Bush toured one of the nation's largest power plants today and hailed the sprawling complex here as a symbol of how the relaxation of clean air rules would boost the economy and protect the environment. "



The Miami Herald | 08/31/2003 | Ask not what telemarketers can do to you: "Leading the charge for the telemarketing industry is the American Teleservices Association (suggested motto: 'Some Day, We Will Get a Dictionary and Look Up 'Services' ''). This group argues that, if its members are prohibited from calling people who do not want to be called, then two million telemarketers will lose their jobs. Of course, you could use pretty much the same reasoning to argue that laws against mugging cause unemployment among muggers. But that would be unfair. Muggers rarely intrude into your home."

Call the American Teleservices Association, toll-free, at 1-877-779-3974, and tell them what you think.

Of course the ATA is so responsive to our wishes and calls they have now placed a recording saying they can't come to the phone.
FT.com Home UK: "She readily admits she downloaded hundreds of 'golden oldies' songs in the past, not realising at the time that it was illegal.
But she points out that she already had copies of those songs on the 1,500 CDs she owns. She believed downloading tracks via Kazaa, the popular file sharing service, was the most convenient way to create a playlist of her favourite tunes."

Gone to far...... me not sure (and I know that's not proper grammer, but hay I never told you about my English degree) The purpose of owning a cd/record is to hear the music. If I like what I hear I buy so......


Google News: "
BBC Sport
Twins 5, Sox 2: Twins pull even with Sox, deny Loaiza No. 20
Chicago Daily Southtown - 50 minutes ago
The White Sox saw their two-game lead over Minnesota evaporate, pitcher Esteban Loaiza saw his bid for win No. 20 disappear with one rocky inning, and second baseman Roberto Alomar saw too much of a Viagra sign on the outfield fence."

My Twins are in first place (ok tied), this race is tight!
ABCNEWS.com: Home: "Actor John Ritter dies of massive heart attack just shy of his 55th birthday."

It's a sad day, both the man in black and Ritter. All the Icons of my youth are passing on.
ABCNEWS.com: Home: "Country music icon Johnny Cash has died at age 71 of complications from diabetes in Nashville, Tenn. His beloved wife June Carter Cash died in May. "


It's 9/11 and we will be reminded of 9/11/01 all day.

I have to put my football picks in for the week, have a beer and help my fiance with wedding stuff so this will be it for today.


Google News: "Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have postponed their Sunday wedding because they didn't want the day spoiled by excessive media attention that might have forced them to hire as many as three decoy brides at different sites"

woooohooooo, I still have a chance. J Lo baby don't make a mistake I'm the only man you will ever need! LMAO j/f/k
More critical vulnerabilities revealed in Windows - theage.com.au: "Three more critical vulnerabilities, similar to that which was exploited by the Blaster worm last month, have been detailed by Microsoft overnight.
The vulnerabilities affect the latest operating system from the company, Windows Server 2003, and also Windows XP, Windows 2000 and NT 4.0.
Microsoft said the fix which the company provided patched the three newly discovered vulnerabilities and also superceded the patch issued in July for the vulnerability exploited by the Blaster worm.
The vulnerabilities affect RPC, the remote procedure call that allows computers to communicate with others across a network.
Microsoft said Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 98SE and Windows 95 were not affected. However, it added that the last three named products were no longer supported by the company and urged users to upgrade to more recent versions. "

Here we go again... and the last line about not supporting 98, 98se or 95 sounds like a threat to me. Now here I go out on a limb, and I'm saying or accussing, but it seems like microsoft is the only one who is gonna profit if the older NOT SUPPORTED OS become infected.
(WARNING BITCH SESSION COMING UP)Done with work today. I work as a operating engineer at a hotel. Besides working on all the mechanical crap I have been chosen to do all the inhouse IT support, this would be great if I knew what the hell I was doing half the time. Just because I know the diffrence between RAM and BAM (RAM is random access memory, BAM is what I do to the computer when I can't figure out what is wrong!) and to make matters worse I work ten hour shifts 8am to 6:30pm, and must pick up my fiance to take her to work at 6am... OK enough of this lets see whats in the news today???

Wired News: Star Wars Kid Files Lawsuit: "Now his parents are claiming damages of $160,000 from the families of the four classmates who digitized and published the video. Ghyslain's parents claim their son was so humiliated, he is undergoing psychiatric care and may be marked for life by the experience.
Ghyslain's video was posted to the Kazaa file-sharing network in the spring.
The two-minute video shows an overweight teenager fighting a mock battle with a golf-ball retriever doubling as a lightsaber. The teenager twirls the 'lightsaber' ever more energetically while generating his own sound effects. It is obviously not for public consumption.
Ghyslain was so teased about the video, he dropped out of school and finished the semester at a children's psychiatric ward, according to a lawsuit filed in the Raza's hometown of Trois-Rivières, Quebec.
According to the suit, 'Ghyslain had to endure, and still endures today, harassment and derision from his high-school mates and the public at large.' He 'will be under psychiatric care for an indefinite amount of time.'
The suit suggests that the ordeal may cause Ghyslain to be labeled as 'mentally ill,' and the stigma could make it difficult for him to enroll in school or get a job, and may force him to change his name.
Ghyslain's story was reported by media outlets internationally. Angered at the cruel remarks made about Ghyslain online, a pair of webloggers raised money to buy the teenager an Apple iPod.
Andy Baio of Waxy.org and Jish Mukerji of Jish.nu raised more than $4,300 from 421 separate donations.
'The outpouring of support has been staggering, far beyond what I ever expected,' wrote Baio on his site. 'Geeks like us need to stick together.'
A petition to get Ghyslain a part in the next Star Wars movie has been signed by more "

Ok who of us has not made a jackass of our selves at sometime??? I know when the first star wars movies came out everyone in my school was swinging away making sound effects. Ok yes the kid got teased and he has made out pretty well $$$ wise (besides the ipod there are several sites selling Star Wars Kid merchandise, with the kid getting a cut so.....) Or maybe I'm just bitter that no one ever made a movie of me swinging away acting like a jedi damn I was good...


Google News - U.S.: "DALLAS Federal agents say they are investigating how a man succeeded in stowing away in a cargo plane (search) on a flight from New York to Dallas by shipping himself in a wooden crate"

what a way to travel, no crying babies and the in flight food can't be any worse. But I wonder do you save alot of money???


Over to sugar-eating bug power! - The Times of India: "In a Pentagon-backed project, University of Massachusetts researchers Swadesh Chaudhuri, an Indian, and Derek Lovley, an American, say the battery�s source is an underground bacterium that gobbles up sugar and converts its energy into electricity.

Their prototype device ran flawlessly without refuelling for up to 25 days and is cheap and stable."

Now this is what our tax money should be going for, real science for the future. To bad some oil company will buy the right to it and it will never be seen again.
Google News: "COST OF CONQUERING and occupying Iraq: $65 billion, give or take. Cost of rebuilding and pacifying Iraq as well as the odd corner of Afghanistan: another $87 billion, for now"

And the costs keep going up... in both $$$ and lives. Does anyone else wonder how the hell we got in this situation and how the hell do we get out! We need new blood in Washington not spilt blood in the mideast.
MMMMM.... What to say. Empty words for an empty Mind.