So I have been unusually quiet about the political front this time around. Why, well I like(ed) everyone who is or was running to some extent. Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Richardson (my favorite early on, but as I was afraid he lacked the support for a full run) Ron Paul, Thompson and even at one time McCain. Last time around I was excited with the prospect of a Kerry/McCain ticket... it would have been great. McCain though turned on his friend for what I can only believe was a Republican promise for this time around. In the end, I have chose weeks ago to jump on the Obama wagon. I have heard him speak on TV and waited in line for two hours to hear him live. It was worth it. He speaks in such a way that it enthralls and inspires the listener to hope for a better future (and lets face it, anything would be better than Bush). It's time for a change, for the nation , the world, in Washington and the political parties (including Democrats). Lets hope we all listen and force those in Washington to do what is right and follow the lead of the next president of the US...OBAMA!