We suffered a huge loss in the last move. Due to his constant fighting with Shadow, Carrie and I made the decision to give up Ziggy. This was one of the hardest things I have had to do... I loved him so much, and I know it hurt Carrie to no end. But Shadow is a fifteen year old grumpy old man and would not have adapted well to a new home, Ziggy is young and very charming. We brought him to the humane society after spending weeks trying to find a new home. He looked so hurt when we left him there, thank god he did not cry out I think I would have crumbled. Two weeks latter D my sis in law was with a friend dropping off a stry at the humane society and who does she see, but Ziggy as he was being adopted.

PS Still on dial-up so things are slow... but everything is good. Now all I need is a new job to go along with my decision to head back to school for my MBA... so long to the hotel business (I may work in one while in school but I will not be staying, fourteen years is long enough!)