Troy Gentry, the famous country singer plead guilty to a misdemeanor of improper tagging a bear that he had murdered with a bow. This does not sound so bad till you learn that he had bought and shot the bear in a three acre pen enclosed by an electric fence. Part of the purchase agreement with the owner and hunting? guide was that they would claim it was shot in the wild. He also had a video made that was edited to show a wild hunt!

Mr. Gentry you are a liar and either lazy or a coward. I hope to god all of your buddies who I'm sure you told a great story of the bear hunt too give you shit. You are too lazy to go and hunt for a bear in a more fair? environment or you are scared shitless that the bear may take you out. Either way you have lost at least one fan who will not listen or buy another ticket or CD.

Disclaimer: I listen and love country music. I have hunted in the past but do not now, I do understand the thrill and sometimes need of hunting. But those who hunt trapped or baited animals are murderers and give ALL hunters a bad name!


A zillion dollars per an acre of woods sounds about right to me. Urban sprawl has ate up acreage all around the twin cities. It used to be "in olden times... twenty years ago" that a half hour drive in any direction would put you in farm country. Now I think all the farms have moved to the Dakotas. I miss the farms, the open land and open lots in the city where a kid could make believe he was in another world. Now all the old open lots are home to brand new condos and townhomes.

PS I hope your Thanksgiving was good, I know mine was. A little to much rich food left me with a grumpy stomach, but that and shopping is what Thanksgiving is about... right?


Robert Altman who filmed his last movie here in the Twin Cities, A Prairie Home Companion, passed away from Cancer Monday. I owe this man for one of my favorite movies ever M.A.S.H. , and the TV show that resulted which is my all time favorite show. Rest in peace, you have earned it.


Idiot of the Week 2: Bryan James Hathaway (pictured removed). Charged with having sex with a dead deer. I have one word for him... FREAK! His parents and ex-girlfriends (if any) must be proud.


In other news...

This is for all those who waited days & hours outside in lines taking vacation days or calling in sick (not to mention paying thousands of $$$ on EBAY) to get their PS3! Video!

Cat gives birth to puppies! (maybe?)

Another article about the Government looking for handouts via: sponsorships! What's next, the Whitehouse being sponsered by Martha Stewart?
Idoit of the week: This thief, who gave himself away!


OK I'm late again so sue me...

Idiot of the week goes too: Lesley Stevenson, who marries the man who shot her!

On to other news, the boulder has passed. Yes that pesky kidney stone hung around... forever! Of course as things must happen, I was at Target when I passed the first two of three stones. The person in the stall next to mine must have had some strange visions of what was going on in my stall with all the grunting, yelping and a few moans!


Ok, Carrie and I are watching Carson Daily with guest Tom Arnold. Tom looks like, sounds like he is on something or having a breakdown. Rambling and making no sense, he can't sit still and has this lost & deer in head lights look. This breaks my heart for I have met Tom on two occasions and really liked him. I always found him to be very funny and a decent actor. He fell apart when Carson asked about Tom's breakup with his wife, who Tom says he is still living with and then babbled on about being worth more dead than alive??? I hope things turn around for him. Good luck Tom, get some help.

Today we lost another of my old time favorite actors. Rest in Peace.


A real quick post.

Congrats to Democrats nationwide, it looks like we did it. The house and most likely the Senate will swing to our control. It's time for a reckoning!

On the local (Minnesota) side it looks just as good. All of our family and friends have won by large margins. There are two defeats that do hurt. We missed picking up the governorship by a few thousand votes (at last count) . Also in the Bachmann, Wetterling race the Republican Bachmann defeats Wetterling for the US House seat.

And congrats to Britney Spears for finally coming to your senses. He no good for you...


Today is one of those days in which we can make sure we are heard. Find/make the time to get out and vote. My views are evident, but if you agree with me or not, JUST VOTE!

I've been laid up for a week with kidney stones (NO the boulder still has not passed). I've had stones once before in my life, 14 yrs ago. I keep trying to remember what happened back then. How long after the pain moved there did it take till it was over? etc etc I just hope this passes and soon. Our already over stretched budget can not take me being off much longer. (FYI work told me not to come back till it was over. I tried on Friday and they were not amused by the yelps and moans during my constant bathroom runs.)


This guy could be in real trouble if he ever ended up in prison!


(I don't think this was the prison uniform, but it caught your attention)

Idiot of the week:
Oscar Aponte. This ex prison inmate, took with him a prison uniform when he was released in September. He wore the uniform as his Halloween costume. When he was spotted it caused the prison to be locked down. He has been charged with a couple of crimes. I hope this does not violate his parole or even worse. Does NY have a three strike law? If it does it would be ironic and sad if this was his third strike.
Have you ever wanted to beat the crap out of George Bush? Throw him into a wall? Drop him on his head or break his back? Well here is your chance. Have fun... hours of stress relief from today's troubled world or just to blow off steam over political commercials.


OK, I'm a little late on finding out about these guys. They call themselves Hitch50. They are trying to hitchhike to the capitals of all fifty states. As of yesterday they are stuck in Juneau Alaska and have hit 29 states in 24 days. Good luck guys, maybe I'll see you here in the Twin Cities.


UPDATE: Mr. Robinson you are Not a US Congressman, thank god!

This has to be the most disgusting, sickening political commercial out there. Mr. Vernon Robinson has not missed a single inflammatory issue in his attack on the public's common sense and good taste.

Now here is a question, he touts all that he finds wrong in America and how he will bring conservative Republican values to Congress. But have not the Republicans controlled this country now for six years and failed to "improve" on Mr. Robinson's issues. Mr. Robinson it's not you that we need in office but someone with morals and the drive to work for a better USA instead of his own warped view's.

Now I need to go take a bath, just watching that commercial has left me filling dirty.

updated Nov. 8th,2006
Kidney stones, god they hurt. I have slept very little in the last few days as I suffered boulders in my urethra. Carrie had to hand out all the candy because I felt like a was going to be sick. I'm sure the kids would not appreciate me adding my regurgitated dinner to their bags. (Sorry about the graphic wording but I turn into a bear when I'm sick)

We where shocked, this was our first Halloween in the house and we did not know what to expect. Almost seventy kids by 8:30 when we ran out of candy. (Carrie, quick turn off the lights and get in the house. I'm not going to spend another $40 for candy, even if I could find some.)