Dell acquires high end PC maker Alienware - vnunet.com: "Dell acquires high end PC maker Alienware"

RIP Aleinware... all hail Voodoo or better yet custom make your- own high end system!


Technorati Search: bogus bush bashing: "'bogus bush bashing'"

Bashing Bush is kinda fun, but ooohhh so easy! Now is any of the Bush bashing bogus, even I must say yes. Don't get me wrong he is an idiot, incompetent, a liar and immoral. But he has not kicked any dogs... that I know of at least. The Bush has taken alot of heat over the port debacle, but in truth... there was nothing wrong with it. My descendants will be paying for the debt of this presidency and it's bogus war after my bones have turned to dust.


BBC NEWS | Entertainment | South Park 'battling' Scientology: "South Park 'battling' Scientology"

I've seen the episode and it had me rolling, now of course the episode has disappeared from tube tv but here is part of it and here are other parts. What is scientology?


Impact Lab - Jolie Tops Lesbian's Favorite List: "Actress Angelina Jolie is the woman most lesbians would want to go to bed with."

Lesbians have good tastes. I think this list is pretty good,I'm not sure about Jodie Foster or Queen Latfiah but the rest... huba huba.

Snow,(front yard) Ziggy and more snow,(back yard).


Snow on the way today, as we head off to the Kirby Puckett Memorial at the Metrodome. It's been kind quite around here besides way to much work. Carrie has started her job search now that she is unemployeed. Other wise no big news, and the recent news stories have not done much to stir up my writting juices so... updates have been few and far. Posted by Picasa


Major League Baseball : News : Major League Baseball News: "Twins left to mourn Puckett's death"

RIP Kirby, you are my memory of the World Champ Twins. It will never be the same.

Puckett in critical condition after stroke: "Puckett in critical condition after stroke"

Our prayers are with you and your family.