Friday night and the weekend is almost here. Since giving my notice I feel 10 times better, lighter and focused. Today was a little sleep but looking foward to a full weekend of friends and family. 45 degrees today and Carrie and I stayed home and recouped! Posted by Hello


So the deed is done, today I gave the Hotel notice that I'm finished. But as these things go they are planning to have a meeting with me next week to talk things over... no matter what I'm done with graveyards on a regular basis! Ok today I had three hours sleep before my staff meeting, it's cold with rain/snow threatening. The farmers market opened today (for non Minneapolis people, every Thursday and Saturday in the spring, summer and fall they have an open air farmers market on the Nicollet Mall. Nicollet Mall is not a mall in the shopping sense but an pedestrian walking mall that runs through downtown.) Carrie and I bought some fruit and flowers, now I'm off to bed for a nap, c-ya


Another one of those cold, rainy days. We hit 40 degrees for like a minute or two. I'm beginning to think that the 80 degree day a week or so ago was it for summer :( It's been a rough couple of days, tonight I'll veg with Carrie and then back to work... I guess. Posted by Hello
11:44am And I just got home from work... thats almost a 14hr day! After playing tag with my manager and GM all morning I give up, I was to busy last night/today to resign. Good night :)


Another rainy, colder day. Right now it's 38 degrees, at the time this picture was taken it was hailing, snowing and raining, go figure. Slept on and off all day, in between I watched "Collateral" with Tom Cruise. A good movie but a little slow for an action movie and a little shallow for a drama. Carrie is out having dinner with one of her friends, Jessie. Last night Carrie and I decided that it's time for me to get a new job, no more graveyards! Now it's time to find another job... but till then it's 10 to ?, c-ya Posted by Hello


Shot from the inside of the two story downtown Target, Carrie and I took it easy today, slept in and ran a few errands before I head of to work. It was a chilly 45 degrees with showers off and on. Posted by Hello


Went for a long walk today while Carrie was hooked up to her leg pump. It almost got to 60 degrees and look at that blue sky. I love this shot with the reflection of a building in another buildings windows. Posted by Hello

This is a world famous building (I know it does not look like it). Why is it famous you may ask? The city spent $6 million to move it three blocks, making it the largest and most expensive building ever moved. Posted by Hello

This one is for Carrie, she likes the old ones. Posted by Hello

I think I have mentioned Lyons Pub before... Posted by Hello

A statue about some old TV show... Posted by Hello

Daytons became Dayton Hudson, which became Marshall Fields it's parent company became Target Corp. after the discount chain and now this last year Target corp. sold Daytons, er I mean Marshall ... oh never mind! Posted by Hello

At 51 stories, the IDS building is the tallest in Minneapolis. Posted by Hello

Outdoor seating is prime in the spring, of course it does help if the restraunt is open! Posted by Hello

one more view of downtown. Posted by Hello

This statue sits in front of a church, kinda strange I think... Posted by Hello

I almost moved in here right before getting married, but it was a third floor walk up to a small one bedroom. Posted by Hello

I lived here back in the spring of 2003. It was a large studio with a view of pigons and the building next door. Posted by Hello


Somalia refuses to admit refugee deported from Minnesota: "Keyse Jama, the Somali whom the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) has been trying to deport, was apparently rejected for admission to Somalia on Friday." The U.S government has been trying to deport Jama for more than four years. He entered the country legally in 1996 and settled in Minnesota. He lost his refugee status after being convicted of a 1999 assault. In papers filed with Tunheim's court, the agency said it had contracted with an international security firm that had negotiated the right to land a chartered plane in Bossasso. ICE officials took Jama from Minnesota to Kenya, apparently on Wednesday night, and turned him over to the private firm. But when the charter landed in Bossasso, officials there would not allow him to remain, according to the BBC report.

Exactly how much money is the government spending in trying to deport this single individual?


Draw a pig personality test: "Draw a Pig"

FUN, FUN and more FUN

Cold and overcast today. 43 degrees, I guess we have been spoiled a bit. After getting 6 1/2 hours sleep in the previous two days I was a little grumpy and lost. Today I was able to sleep straight threw from 9:10am to 3pm, I feel like a new man and the weekend is almost here!! If it's nice I'll take some new pic's this weekend, c-ya. Posted by Hello

Virgin Mary???? Posted by Hello
iWon News: "CHICAGO (Reuters) - A wall stain that some believe depicts the Virgin Mary drew scores of faithful on Thursday to a gritty highway underpass that has become a shrine with flowers, candles and prayers."

If you look hard enough you can see any image in anything, you just need eyes, imagination and endless faith. But "the lord does work in mysterious ways." Pic to follow
iWon News: "YANGON (Reuters) - Hla Htay has three hungry infants to feed these days -- a seven-month old baby boy and two Bengal tiger cubs.

Three times a day, the Myanmar housewife goes to the Yangon Zoo where she breastfeeds the hungry black-striped, orange-brown cubs rejected by their natural mother."

The zoo says the breastfeeding will stop by the end of April or when the cubs start teething -- whichever comes first.

To th... um.. I .... I don't know what to write for this one!


Walking trail in Wirth Park, not to far from the house. Hey all it's been kinda quiet and boring around here. Just alot of work, sleep and oh ya work again. Had dinner last night at Joe's Garage, a great casual restaraunt on the far side of the park. Kim-chi burger, yum yum. Posted by Hello


This little guy followed Carrie threw the park. While I slept today Carrie went for a walk in the park, all photos today are her's. Today was sleep interrupts, I slept four diffrent times each for an hour to an hour and a half.
 Posted by Hello

The pond attracts geese, ducks and other birds by the dozens. Posted by Hello

Yet another, DT view. Posted by Hello

Just a building but I like the shot. Posted by Hello

I guess spring is here for sure, these two are the first flowers of the year. Posted by Hello

but wait whats this? Posted by Hello