Google News: "Bush's overall job approval rating has fallen to 50 percent, a career low. His rating for honesty and trustworthiness is likewise at a new low. "

Rating for honesty and trustworthiness..mmm... -10.


Witness in the Scott Peterson case passes away. Feature Story Witness in the Scott Peterson case passes away.: "Vivian Mitchell, who was a defense witness for Scott Peterson, passed away early Wednesday morning due to natural causes, as told to reporters by Vivian's Husband, Bill. " The tragedy of the Laci Peterson story will continue on as it touches all our lives in many different ways. Vivian Mitchell, a lady that only family, friends, and neighbors in her hometown of Modesto, California knew, has now brought a sense of loss to us as well because of the cruel and horrific nature of this crime on Laci and her baby.



Oh my god, can you beleave the super bowl! And the game was good (at least the second half) too. Janet Jacksons breast exposed... thank god Micheal wasn't the one performing!

Warning bad joke.... So what is it and the Jackson family... they all like to expose themselves!